You will need
  • - special education (courses, sea school, etc.);
  • - medical certificate of aptitude;
  • - a contract with a crewing company;
  • - seaman's passport;
  • - a visa.
In military terminology, a sailor is a soldier serving on ship performing a variety of work, ranging from cleaning and Watchkeeping and ending with fire and help in the management of the vessel. The duties of a sailor charged with different utility work within his specialty.
Unlike the Navigator, the mechanic, the captain, XO and other Maritime professions, to get a sailor is not so difficult, because the requirements for applicants to this post less.Need to finish a Maritime school or College, have good health, seaman's passport and visa. The last two documents has been crewing company, which specializiruetsya on the selection and dispatch of seafarers on ships of foreign shipowners. It's what you should address. Usually the offices of these companies are concentrated in the port cities.
To establish qualification for an interview, bring a document about the end of the nautical school or College (the naval school), Institute of fishing industry or the merchant fleet. A crewing company direct applicants for the post of sailor in their training centers. There they are free to get your hands on manuals for training and to prepare for the aptitude tests, and after internships at the courts.
If you don't have any marine specialty - not a problem. You can get rybodobycha on the domestic ship. But it is very hard and exhausting work. Therefore it is better to finish all the courses and to the profession of a sailor, a cook or a steward. However, usually such courses are paid.
To work as a sailor, also pass a medical examination, which will confirm that you are suitable for this type of activity. Foreign language for the sailor to know is not necessary but desirable.
When all the details are settled, sign the contract. Typically, the merchant Navy it is enclosed by 5-6 months, on a fishery - by 6-7 months (depending on flights).