The soldier called to military service in naval forces of Russia, first to carry the title of sailor. Sailor airman it's the same in other military branches. This name was introduced into the Russian Navy in 1946, instead of the title "sailor".
Senior sailor. This rank is given to the sailors, who during his service proved himself as a disciplined and responsible soldiers. Senior sailor meets military rank corporal.
The foreman of the second article – the commander of office. It's the rank was introduced on 2 November 1940. In the category army soldiers this rank corresponds to the rank of Sergeant.
Petty officer first class – squad leader. Sweat rank is a rank higher than petty officer II class and below chief petty officer. It was introduced on 2 November 1940 and corresponds to a military rank Sergeant.
Chief petty officer – Deputy commander of a platoon. Corresponds to the rank of staff Sergeant.
Petty officer-Sergeant warhead. In the category military rank of petty officer corresponds to the rank of Sergeant.
Ensign. In the Navy is a military rank of persons who voluntarily serve in excess of the period and the rank of assistant officer. The rank of Midshipman is assigned upon completion of appropriate courses or schools. Corresponds to the military rank of Lieutenant.
Senior warrant officer at a higher rank than ensign. In the army coincides with the rank of senior warrant officer.
Junior Lieutenant. The first military rank of Junior officers in the armed forces of Russia and other countries.
Lieutenant. Junior Lieutenant this rank is given upon the expiry of the period of service and in case of positive attestation.
Senior Lieutenant. Army rank officers. On ships where a Lieutenant is the commander of the post, then a senior Lieutenant and Lieutenant commander can be an assistant and commander of the 4th rank respectively.
Lieutenant – the highest rank of non-commissioned officers of the Navy, meets the captain of the army. Literally – the Deputy captain of the ship.
The captain of the 3rd rank. Corresponds to the rank of major in the army and air force. Has the abbreviated name – "capture".
The captain of the 2nd rank. Equivalent to the rank of Colonel of the army. Abbreviated name of "kapda and castoring"
Captain 1-St rank. Corresponds to the rank of Colonel of the land forces and aviation. Abbreviated names – "kapraz" and "commander". Can command the ships of the 1st rank.
The rear Admiral. Corresponds to the rank of major General in the air force and the army. To command a squadron, or be a Deputy commander of the fleet.
The Vice-Admiral. Corresponds to the army rank of Lieutenant General. Vice-Admiral chief of operational squadron, fleet or Deputy fleet commander.
The Admiral holds the position of chief of the General Staff of the Navy, commander of the fleet replaces.
Admiral of the fleet holds the post of Chief of the Navy. This is the highest rank in the Navy of the Russian Federation.