The majority of young people it will benefit, they return home very different people and will look at the world as an adult.
If you want to find the military unit in which you are destined to perform military service, go to the military enlistment office at the place of residence and ask the commandant of ' military units for review. So you can easily find out near a village, to be your military unit and how you get there. This information tell your relatives or friends, whom she really will be very important. You also can send with other recruits. It should be noted that the number of the military unit of the armed forces of the Russian Federation consists of five digits and one letter.
If you for some reason can't go to the recruiting office, call them on the phone and find out the number and the phone unit. Then search the Internet database of all Russian military units. Enter the back room of their base, and appear on the screen the address and other coordinates of the part in which the whole year you will have to carry all the burdens and hardships of military service. If you have any questions, contact the military for a detailed explanation of all the characteristics of the military unit to which you will soon go.
Aiming to get into an elite unit. There are all conditions for service, and physical development. There are gyms and stadiums, there you can raise the level of their physical endurance. Thanks to the modern equipment, you can easily learn all the subtleties of the military, if you were in an artillery or missile troops. Do your best not to get in the battalion - there will be hard times. Not only that, you will not get any new knowledge and will be able to lose those that were in your head. In any case, prepare yourself mentally to the fact that it will be difficult, and it will be much easier to perform military service.