If you decide to become a marine, contact the recruitment office at the place of residence and find out what your chances are and when the timing of the call in the Marines. Note that the first thing the Commission will look at your medical records. To enroll in the Marines requires a perfect health candidate with form A - 1 or, in extreme cases, A - 2.
After you wrote in the command of the Navy, will need to show themselves to the shipment, where the Marines take suitable military recruits. Often demonstrate their excellent physical shape, do not hesitate to approach the officers and tell them that the dream of service in the marine corps.
The decisive factor in the selection of candidates in the Marines becomes a test of physical ability. Do not be lazy in advance of his still at home, and in case of failure, to practice. Full, to outstretched arms, dips, pull-UPS, push-UPS, jumping - all these exercises Marines must perform at least average, but not with the initial training.