You will need
  • - diploma of special education;
  • - seaman's passport.
To get to work on the ship, you can go the simplest way: apply for recruitment jobs in specialized staffing Agency. Agency on selection of personnel for water transport called crying. As specialization they have quite a narrow choice of candidates, they are only most suitable. Often, to get to the ship, you need to have special higher education, i.e., graduate Institute for water transport. You can go for a more simplified way to complete specific courses to obtain a passport of a sailor and go find a desired job.
Of course, you need to soberly assess their abilities. If you constantly get motion sickness or if you experience any problems with the vestibular apparatus, the entrance to the ships you ordered. Because most of the waterways you will not be able to fully perform their duties.
How to get a <strong>ship</strong>
You can get a job on the ship and not having special skills of the old sea dog. It is necessary to find jobs in the service sector (if it is a cruising destination), or cooking (if it's heavy court). But in his field, to which you're applying, must be experience. For example, if you want to work as a waitress on the ship, you need to be able to serve passengers and set the tables. Just keep in mind that the work is usually seasonal. To settle in this case, the ship simply. Before the season start to see special announcements on the Internet or in the Newspapers. You can go to the pier and there pouznavat about vacancies. The procedure for admission to work, as in the usual office - interview with the boss.
If really the situation is hopeless: no experience, no education, and a desire to work on the ship is huge, you can try to find a training ship. The offer of the command of these ships can usually be found online or in specialized periodicals.
How to get a <strong>ship</strong>
To get a heavy shipthat goes abroad, one desire is not enough. You need certain documents, e.g. valid passport, lack of debt at home, etc. it is Also desirable to know the English language as international, to make it easier to communicate with other team members, speak foreign languages, and in Porto where you will go. And, of course, to professional ships the necessary items from the first and second steps, i.e. special education and excellent health.