Method for those who want to become professional pilot:Relate your desires with the possibilities. You must possess certain physical, psychological qualities, to endure prolonged physical and psychological stress, be stress resistant, ability to make decisions in extreme situations and many more). You must have a complete secondary education. For admission you must provide a certificate exam in mathematics, Russian, physics, a foreign language.
Choose the direction. All flight educational institutions in Russia are divided into civil and military. If you want to be a pilot civil transportation, commercial organizations (passengers, goods for military use), then proceed to the school of civil aviation. If you want to serve in the air force, school of military aviation.
Note that the flight school are divided into universities and technical secondary. Depends on the term of study - 5 or 3 years respectively.
Prepare a package of documents: - certificate of secondary school or primary vocational education;
- medical certificate form 086, certificate about vaccination;
help from the neuropsychiatric and substance abuse clinics;
- 6 photos 3*4. In addition, required to undergo a special medical examination at the naval Academy. Upon graduation you will receive a certificate commercial pilot.
Method for those who want to learn to fly for themselves:Do to study pilot in a flying club. You will be able to make its first trial flight on the day of treatment.
Pass a medical examination. Will learn the theory of flight business independently or under the guidance of experienced instructors and teachers. Grab the required number of hours. Pass the exam and get my license.
Note that in Russia allocated three levels of flying skills: 1. Amateur pilot or private pilot;
2. commercial pilot;
3. linear pilot. These certificates get step by step. The commercial pilot certificate will allow you to fly. Linear pilot as the aircraft commander can control any class of aircraft, but you have to have a RAID of 150 hours and excellent health. In the Russian air club you can get only the certificate of the Amateur pilot and right to control a light private plane.