Advice 1: How to restore the certificate of secondary education

A certificate called a document confirming the receipt of primary (General) secondary education (9 grades) or secondary (full) General education (11 classes). Undoubtedly, the certificate is considered to be one of the key documents for anyone, because secondary education in Russia is compulsory. In addition, admission to different educational institutions (colleges, Universities, vocational schools, colleges) is impossible without a diploma. But it happens that the certificate is lost and must be restored.
How to restore the certificate of secondary education
To restore a high school diploma you need to write the application addressed to the Director of the school, where he was received with a request to issue a new one instead of lost, but be sure to indicate the specific cause of the loss of the certificate. In that case, if this school is in another city, then you should send your application by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, however, you personally have to pick it up, or to authorize friends to do it with their consent via a notarized power of attorney. In turn, the school will ask the Department (Committee, Bureau) education the form of the certificate. These forms are, in principle, should be paid from the city Treasury, but it is possible that the local authorities decided otherwise.
You will also need a copy of the certificate obtained from the police, or other documents which confirm the fact of loss (when these are absent, only one statement).
If you need to restore the certificate about the average education and also to receive the certificate of incomplete higher education, when your documents at the end of the school was handed over to the Institute you studied there for a while, then dropped out, and the documents remained at the University, then you have to apply to the University because a certificate has a long shelf life and is in the archive of this Institute.
Note that a duplicate certificate of basic General education are required to give three days, and the duplicate of the certificate of secondary (complete) General education within one month. Besides, all these documents are done free of charge.
Useful advice
If schools that had obtained a certificate has already been closed, you must contact the Department of education of the district where this school was.

The recovery certificate on the basis of the letter of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation dated 16.04.2001 No. 14-52-235ин/13 "About certificates of secondary (complete) General education".

Advice 2: How to make a certificate

The lack of such an important document like certificate entail a lot of problems in life. Make a new document will result in serious paperwork. But without the certificateand you will not be able to enroll in any school, and at work you also will not be accepted. If so happened that your passport have gone missing, it can be done again.
How to make a certificate
If you lose the certificateand contact the school in which you studied, and who gave you this document. Apply to the Director with a request to make a new document. To restore the certificate will be about a month and do it absolutely free. If your school is in another city, you must send a registered letter with notification in the school decorated a statement and specify your contact phone number. Please note that the school has the right only to accept the application by mail, but has no right to send the recovered certificate. So you will need to personally pick him up from school.
If you lost your diploma from College or trade school, the recovery process can take up to three months. The application form must specify the reason why you need the diploma. Keep in mind that this recovery is paid and you will need to pay for this service in the Bank and provide the payment receipt to the school.
In the case of a lost diploma of higher educational establishment you should contact the local police station and write a statement about the missing document. The district needs to issue you a certificate of loss of the diploma. This certificate along with the request for reinstatement you must take the Director of your school. The process of recovery may last from two weeks to three months, depending on the range at the head of the University. The diploma is stamped with the words "duplicate" and corrected date of diploma date of recovery.
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