If you have lost your gradebook, go to the Dean's office and ask them to acquaint you with the procedure for restoring the grade book.
In the Dean's office you are obliged to help. If the Secretary in the Dean's office sends you to hell, leave until the appeal to the Dean.
All universities have a document entitled "regulations on the gradebook". In accordance with this Provision and to recover the document.
To restore a gradebook you will need to write application to Dean with a request to restore the lost record book.
Some Universities require you to write an ad in the newspaper about the loss of the record book. Submit a statement to the newspaper, wait until the latest issue, cut out the ad and submit it to the Dean's office.
After signing your application with the Dean or Deputy Secretary will give you a duplicate of the record book, what is going to witness a proper title on the first page.
The loss of the record book does not mean loss of all data written to it. Universities keep all judges ' score sheets, the Secretary only needs to write out all the items and evaluation of statements in your new record book.
Each evaluation must be signed by the teacher. From this point on to work on filling in the new record book you start. You have to bypass all the teachers and ask them to sign.
If the teacher does not work in this University, the decision on signature will take the head of the Department.
Ensure that the fields of the restored pages in the new record book was a note that recording is done on the basis of test and examination sheets. This must be signed by the Dean indicating the number of statements, and dates. Next to the signature shall bear the stamp of the faculty.
Different Universities take different times to duplicate the grade book. Find out about it in the Dean's office. Usually this procedure takes no more than a month.