Regardless of the reasons for the deductions, you are entitled again to recover in school and to continue training on the same thematic area, from which he was expelled. However, before you write the statement read Charter College. The internal regulations of the institution establishes a period of limitation within which this right is reserved for students. On average it is about 5 years, but may vary. Recovery valid not earlier than after one year from the date of expulsion.
To recover, refer to the curriculum Department with the appropriate application and documents received with the dismissal (depending on school and date completed training this can be a qualification certificate or a public document of the established sample about incomplete education).
The request for reinstatement is considered a teaching school and only accepted if there are vacancies. In case of positive decision, the request is transmitted for consideration to the Director. The student shall be reinstated for training only after making corresponding order.
In some cases, recovery may require the elimination of differences in terms of disciplines (for example, if during the break in studies has been introduced new items or modified program of study in the former), which is carried out individually. Individual plan of dodci substantive difference also prepared an educational unit and is issued a separate order indicating the exact timing of its implementation.
Remember that in cases when the profile direction from which you were expelled, no vacancies, recovery is allowed in other specialized areas with individualized plan of liquidation of the differences in education between the areas.