If a certificate is stolen or you lost it, be sure to sign the document confirming this fact. This can be a certificate issued by the body of internal Affairs (i.e. police), fire protection (if the loss occurred due to fire) or an ad in the newspaper. If it's only attached to the certificate, also take care of the evidence.
Apply to a school that issued you the certificate. If a certificate or application is lost, the statement will present the circumstances of the loss and attach the documents confirming this fact (see claim 1). If a duplicate is necessary in connection with damage or a fault is detected, in the application, describe the nature and circumstances of the damage or specify the errors. In this case, you must return the certificate and/or the app because, by law, it must of unichtojiti with the observance of certain formalities.
Then by making a duplicateand will be engaged in your educational institution. But you should know that if you change the name of the school, together with a duplicateof ω necessarily give out the document confirming the change.
If there was a reorganization of the educational institution, so he has a successor, who is obliged to issue a duplicate. If the educational institution is liquidated, contact the district Executive authority, exercising administration in education sphere. This can be the Department of education or Department of education when the district administration.
If the time elapsed since the issuance of the original certificate, lost of archived data with estimates, a duplicate certificate you will receive no applications.
In case of loss of archived data that you really finished this educational institution, the issuance of a duplicateand is carried out on the basis of other evidence. For example, copies of certificate, original certificates, written evidence of at least three teachers who taught you in high school. Only in the complete absence of evidence of your learning, educational institution has the right to give refusal to issue a duplicate ofa certificate.
A duplicate certificate or a reasoned refusal to issue a you are obliged to issue within one month from the date of submission of the application.