If you lose the certificateand contact the school in which you studied, and who gave you this document. Apply to the Director with a request to make a new document. To restore the certificate will be about a month and do it absolutely free. If your school is in another city, you must send a registered letter with notification in the school decorated a statement and specify your contact phone number. Please note that the school has the right only to accept the application by mail, but has no right to send the recovered certificate. So you will need to personally pick him up from school.
If you lost your diploma from College or trade school, the recovery process can take up to three months. The application form must specify the reason why you need the diploma. Keep in mind that this recovery is paid and you will need to pay for this service in the Bank and provide the payment receipt to the school.
In the case of a lost diploma of higher educational establishment you should contact the local police station and write a statement about the missing document. The district needs to issue you a certificate of loss of the diploma. This certificate along with the request for reinstatement you must take the Director of your school. The process of recovery may last from two weeks to three months, depending on the range at the head of the University. The diploma is stamped with the words "duplicate" and corrected date of diploma date of recovery.