Many Universities recovery diploma or linerand require a certificate from the police. If this is your case, visit a call center and write a statement about the loss of the linerand a diploma. In the police you will be issued a certificate of loss with signatures and seals.
If you go to their school, don't forget to bring your passport. First go to the Dean's office of your faculty. There will tell you what division of the office need to apply.
Write an application for the issue of a duplicate insert. In the office you will be given a sample or the prepared form of the Declaration. It is written to the rector of the University, contains your data, series and number of lost diploma. The statement also must specify the reason for the loss of the diploma or liner.
In public schools and Universities with accreditation are required to pay for duplicate. Remember that the fee shall not exceed double the cost of the blank.
The application addressed to the rector, a certificate from the police and a receipt will take it to the office or the Secretariat.
Some schools require a diploma or have lost the liner to advertise in the newspaper. You need to contact your local free edition and let the ad read: "Cum – specify the number, series and year of graduation is considered invalid".
After some time – from a week to several months – you will be given a new liner. It will read "duplicate". If you along with the linerit was lost, and the diploma, the duplicate will have a new number and series. And the date of issue of the diploma will be the date of issuance of the duplicate. The old document is cancelled.
If you lost the insert of the diploma issued before July 22, 1996, a duplicate linerand you will not be given. According to the law in this case is supposed to issue an extract from the working curriculum that you studied. It will be noted the studied discipline and training period.