After the thesis defense, all students are given alternate leaves which need to be signed in the infirmary, the library, the accounting Department (for student employees), human resources (for students on commercial places), on your Department and the Dean. Students living in the dormitory, among other things, you need to sign a certificate of the commandant. If there are debts for tuition, unreturned textbooks, neprotivlenie vaccinations and other nedostaci, the bypass list will not sign it. Pre-pay with all. After a certificate is signed, give it to the Dean's office where you, having no debts, will immediately give your certificate, which the employees of the Dean's office in advance themselves took from the personnel Department.
If you haven't finished school, and the certificate for some purpose it took, you should contact the human resources Department. It contains all the students ' documents, submitted by them for admission. In the personnel Department need to write a statement, a sample of which you must provide, after which the certificate will give to you. If you plan to continue to study in universities, the document will need to return it or replace it with a copy (this time, you can negotiate on the spot, usually from the students enrolled in unplanned areas, the original certificate is not required). To return the passport is much easier than to pick up any receipts and statements you no longer require.
Students expelled from school for any reason, also get the bypass list, to repay all cash and other debt, and then go to all the same personnel Department, where they are given their diploma.
If it so happened that the owner of the document can not pick him up from school, for him it can make any other person but only if there is a legally certified by the attorney.