The reasons for the issuance of a certificate of education

As a rule, one of the main reasons of non-issuance of the certificate the graduate is its absence on the unified state exam. The Ministry of education of the Russian Federation every year develops the timing of the exam and job for him. If graduates are not on the exam at the prescribed time, it shall be considered that they didn't do that.

There are cases when graduates of secondary schools cannot cope with examination tasks. To the exam was considered to be counted, you must score a minimum score, called the threshold.

All the law in the official program of the unified state exam has two compulsory subjects: mathematics and Russian language. If a graduate could not get the required grade in one core subject, he is given another chance to correct their situation. With repeated failure to graduate is issued a certificate of enrollment in secondary school.

In case when a graduate has failed to collect the required minimum score on the two core subjects, he is not getting a second chance, and immediately deprived certificate - and he is given a certificate of graduation. Except the reference of listening to the course 10-11th grade, graduate give "hands on" certificate of completion of nine grades.

How does the information on education?

Certificate of completion is issued to the 11 grades of secondary school, which is the graduate. This document indicates his personal data, full name of the institution and three marks: the annual, and final mark received on the state assessment. Instead of the third assessment sometimes indicates the number of points earned in the exam.

The rules of admission for the exam not handed over

Graduates who do not receive the certificate of secondary education, deprived of the opportunity to continue training in a higher educational institution. With the documents that are handed do not pass the exam can proceed only in technical schools and colleges on the basis of 9 classes.

However, the chance to obtain a higher education of such graduates is still there. To the end of College or College to go to College on your profile, take the exam they will not have to. But in case when a graduate decides to go on another profile, he is obliged to pass the state certification and only by its results it will be able to start learning in the University.