Start to give an ad in the local media: just one newspaper. Usually the proposed revised text, as follows: "the Certificate about average full education, No. 123456, issued June 25, 2005 in the name of Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, is to be considered invalid, in connection with the loss of the original of this document. Wait for release of this material in the world to stock up on one such instance.
Further, by providing the newspaper with the published announcement in the internal Affairs bodies, write a statement (ibid), the loss of the document on education. At the police station the person who has lost the document needs to issue a statement on the refusal of institution of criminal proceedings, due to insufficient amount of material.
Then with these documents (paper and help) go to the school which has issued the certificate. Write a statement of request to issue a duplicate of the document where you specify the cause of the loss of the certificate (burned, drowned, lost, torn, etc.). The school will take a copy of or extract from the book of issuing certificates, with the specified issue date, series, number and progress of graduate, lost documents.
Then, visit the Department of education, with a beginning over the school that issued the lost passport where you provide all the documents received earlier, be sure to confirm the identity of the passport of the person who needs a duplicate of the document on education (as a rule, this is done in person). The Deputy chief of Management of education will contact the school principal, to transmit pure Blanca new passport at school. After one or two days school will fill out a duplicate of the document (according to the book of issuing certificates and will issue under the signature of the graduate.