You will need
  • Application for issuing academic transcripts.
The academic certificate is issued in two cases – at the request of the student or by the decision of the dismissal of the student. The latter is the case when a student violates the discipline of the institution, delay of payment or bad time for academic subjects. In this situation, the certificate is issued is mandatory, except when a student is expelled until the end of the first semester, and he has not passed the intermediate attestation in the first half.
In the academic certificate usually contains information about the document submitted for admission to the educational institution, year of entry and graduation, education. As well as the specialty of the student, his specialization and a list of commissioned papers. The mandatory data are the list of subjects studied, number of hours under each of them and evaluating in these subjects. The help may be displayed as the results of entrance examinations or interviews.
To obtain such a document on their own, write an application addressed to the rector of the institution with a request to issue an academic reference. Then take the application to the Dean's office. And after the due date, come and get help. It must be signed by the rector or head of the institution and sealed. Be sure to check your personal details and marks for the studied discipline.
On the basis of academic transcripts you can transfer to another Department or a new school, enroll on a second parallel education in another University or continue education after some time. According to the information at the new University doing a reconciliation of the difference of hours and credit transfer objects, if the number of learner hours coincide with their number in the new institution.