You will need
  • handle;
  • paper;
  • mail envelope (if you live in another city)
To get started go to the school that issued you the certificate. Write the application addressed to the headmaster with a request to issue a duplicate instead of the lost document indicating the circumstances of loss.
But if your school for some reason now does not exist, have to go to the regional Department of education.
Sometimes in school a duplicate issue immediately refuse, and you have to write a statement to the police. In this case, go to the police Department in your area or one in which was supposedly lost document. Write a statement about the loss, indicating series, number and date of issuance of the certificate. And don't forget to take help of application.
At the same time give the ad in a major city newspaper "Certificate №... in the name of .... to be considered invalid. In some regions you will certainly require. After that, feel free to go to school and write a statement.
If you now live in another city, send a statement by registered post by registered mail. Just be aware that the document you via email no one will send. Will have to go yourself or outsource it to someone from friends living in this city. In this case, you must issue a notarized power of attorney for the recipient.
If your name is different now, the statement you need to attach a document, based on which you changed the name. But the certificate you will still be issued with the same name.
Replace a lost passport you will be given a copy on a prescribed form. In the upper right hand corner will be stamped "Duplicate. Issued in lieu of certificate No.....
The General certificate of (General) secondary education you must recover for 3 days, and the certificate of complete secondary education in a month. Although in reality time can pass much more.

Money will not take the replacement high school diploma free by law. But if you lost the diploma school, College, or University - would have to fork out.