Contact the police if you lost your passport. You will be given a certificate of a certain form, indicating the reason for the loss of the identity document. Go to the housing office at your place of registration (residence permit) with this certificate and complete the application, the passport will issue a notification of missing passports. Residents of the private sector, such a document gives the quarterly. Visit the passport office where the complete application on a form reissuance of passport. Pre-take a photo and submit to the institution 4 photos for passport. Pay the state fee in any branch of the Bank. The size will be 200 rubles. Within 30 days you will be issued a new passport.
Go to the registry office at the place of residence, if you have lost your marriage certificate. Write an application, attach a photocopy of your passport and identity document of the spouse, do not forget to take the originals. You will have to pay a state fee of 400 rubles each at any Bank branch and attach the documents receipt. The duplicate with the corresponding mark you will get in one day. The same procedure must pass, if we are talking about restoring birth certificate or death.
Restore a driver's license as soon as possible after the loss. Grab your passport; you will also need a medical certificate about state of health, one photo of size 3.5 x 4.5 inches, receipt about payment of state duty. Take the documents to the traffic police, where you will write in your name, temporary ID, and then have to pass the driving test. Within 30 days will issue a new document.
Lost military ID card, contact the branch recruiting office, write a statement about the loss, we will state in it the circumstances under which the loss occurred. Submit photos of the established sample and wait for the issuance of a duplicate. It is usually given at once.
Keep the certificate of ownership of real estate very carefully. Legal documents can be restored to the Registration chamber at the place of residence. You will need to write a statement about the loss. It happens when the documents are losing at the stage of the transaction. Contact the notary who had notarized and provided the necessary information. Usually he has a copy, and he will be able to compensate for the loss. If you fail, go to court. On the basis of the court decision of Registration chamber will issue a new certificate of title on the property.