That's just in the case of diplomaω is not so difficult. At least on paper.
For starters, you should report it to the police (i.e. the police) stating that the diploma has been lost, a certificate, or to advertise in the local media. Better to do both.
After that you need to write an application to your school. It is necessary to specify exactly when you studied in this University, in which year he defended the diploma, which was the faculty, your specialty, and finally, how did you lose the document (the circumstances of loss of the document, put the dry language of the order of Ministry of education RO dated 19.05.2008 No. 1336, p.2.12). Here's the handy help from the police, and the announcement of the loss in any local newspaper. They are attached to the statement as the documents proving that diploma you've really lost, and don't want to get a second for his own purposes.
After all these manipulations you will finally be able to get a duplicate of your diploma. To pass it you must, not later than one month after submission.
The school has the right to charge you money for the restoration of a diplomaand, with the amount it can install itself. So be prepared to fork out. The amount of compensation can usually be seen in the Charter school.