Advice 1: How to get your diploma

It sometimes happens that a University graduate for whatever reason can't pick up the diploma within the prescribed period, or lost document issued to him. But the confirmation about the education received in the course of study competencies may unexpectedly be required at the interview or on the job. Therefore, it is necessary to promptly go to your place of study for the restoration of the diplomaand on the basis of the data stored in the archive of each Institution.
How to get your diploma
You will need
  • - passport
  • - the notarial power of attorney documents (if you want to pick up my diploma the other person)
  • - bypass list (if you haven't handed in Dean's office)
If the diploma about education was not received in time, please call the Dean's office of the institution where you studied, and to clarify where and when you can get your diploma. Then arrive at the agreed time and pick it up, presenting to prove your identity, a passport or a notarized power of attorney. The power of attorney is needed in that case, if you take a diploma of another person. Write a receipt for a diplomaand who will remain in the Dean's office.
If you are a graduate and would like to obtain a diploma earlier than the official ceremony will be held, contact the Dean's office of the institution and find out when you may be prematurely obtained a diploma of education. At the agreed time you come to the Dean's office, turn in the bypass list, student ticket and show your passport. Get a diploma and write a receipt that the document given to you.
In case of loss of the diplomaand the first to contact the nearest police station to get a certificate of loss of the document. Then apply to the Dean of the faculty where you studied, the application for a duplicate diplomaand produce a certificate from the police about the loss of the diploma. Specify how long you can be made a duplicate.
After submission of the application for a duplicate card, you come at the agreed time and either a passport, get a duplicate diplomaand that written receipt of receiving. If your school is not able to recover a duplicate of the Annex to the diploma, the duplicate diplomaissued to you without the application.
If you have successfully passed the state examinations, but the diplomaing the work is not protected, you can receive a diploma of incomplete higher education or academic certificate. To obtain such a document please contact the Dean's office of your faculty and write a statement about issuance of the diplomaand higher education to the rector. In a few weeks will receive a diploma or academic certificate, passport and a written receipt of the document.
Copies of diplomas on higher professional education is constantly stored in your personal file in the archives of the University.
When graduating by proxy of another person, a notarized power of attorney remains in the personal file of the owner of the diploma.

Advice 2: How to get a duplicate diploma

The loss of the document on education can seriously complicate the search operation. In this situation, it was necessary to re-issue a diploma. Turning to educational institution, you can obtain an official duplicate diploma, which will have the same effect as the diploma itself.
How to get a duplicate diploma
A duplicate diploma may be required for various reasons. For each reason there is a set of documents that you must provide to obtain a duplicate. If you need a duplicatee as a result of theft or loss of a diploma, submit a certificate from the police about the search of the document and the newspaper, which printed your Declaration about its loss. Can also attach a copy of the diploma, if you have it. The lack of diploma is not an obstacle for the issuance of a duplicate. If your cum stained, painted or broken, submit to the division the issuance of a spoiled form. If you changed your name, you'll need ID or proof of name change. The latter can be replaced by a copy. As ID you can bring your internal passport, passport, driver's license, military ID. In all cases, the documents need to apply hand written application for providing a duplicate ofa diploma. It should be submitted to the head of your educational institution. You need to write the reason why you want to duplicate. In addition, the statement must specify the years of training and your specialty obtained at the school. Be sure to add the statement your contact details.
In most cases, a statement and a set of documents you need to bring to the Department issuing diplomas that educational institutions whose degree is in need of restoration.
Documents can be taken in person or send it in an envelope in the mail. There is also the possibility to entrust the filing of documents for obtaining a duplicateand the other person. To do this, you must make a power of attorney in the name of the man on whom you impose this duty. Power of attorney certified by a notary. Pick up a duplicate personally or through the Trustee. Mail the duplicate diploma is not sent.
A duplicate diploma may be provided for a fee or for free. This feature depends on the rules established by educational institution. Information about the amount of payment can be found in the Department issuing diplomas.

Advice 3: How to write a diploma for the week

Thesis is the last step on the path to higher education. Although work stands out for several months, usually the students are trying to delay this moment. But time goes, and soon there is a need to write the diploma in just one week.
How to write a diploma for the week
You will need
  • literature;
  • computer.
Set yourself up for what you have each day to work on his degree that he was ready for the end of the week. Set a goal for each day and in no case do not deviate from the plan. The only way you will be able to deliver work on time.
Make the content of their final qualification work. It should serve you the same plan on which you should focus when writing a diploma and planning the time.
Scroll to writing the introduction and conclusion in one day. These pieces are basic, so they should be given more time. You can do it at the last turn, when the study will be conducted. So you can quickly finish the job. For each Chapter take 1.5-2 days depending on their content. If your diploma will have two chapters (overview-theoretical and practical), then you'll have time to meet in one week.
Specify the topic and start searching for literature on which you rely when writing a review, a theoretical Chapter. This way you will be able to simultaneously gather information on the relevance of your topic and the degree of its development, and compile a list of references. Working with sources, highlight marker or bookmark points that may be useful to you at work. Even if at the moment this information is of minor importance, think, perhaps, it will be useful when writing the following paragraph. During the search for information immediately bring her in prom the data in the list of references. This will allow you to save time on design work.
Start writing the main part of the diploma. When writing the first Chapter, you will need the information found in the literature and Internet sources. Try to outline the main its meaning. Remember that your work should be more analytical than descriptive. The second Chapter should be based on your conducted research. Here write about their results and analyze them.
Complete the application needed for opening theme and demonstration of various tables, analyses, etc.
Useful advice
Start to write the work with the requirements for registration. Indicate all references, observe the recommended spacing etc. It will greatly save your time.

Advice 4: When you can pick up a statement from the police

Pick up from the police statement about the committed offence is impossible, however, in some cases, the applicant has the chance to terminate the criminal case in connection with reconciliation of the parties.
A statement to the police
Submit a statement to the police can any citizen who suffered from wrongful acts. However, it sometimes happens that under different circumstances, it is required to perform the opposite action – to take a statement.

Is there such a thing as "take away" statement?

In criminal proceedings there is no such term as "give" or "return" statement. After contacting the victim to the police statement must be registered in the Book of records of incidents. According to the law the decision on the application shall be made within three days, but in some cases the period may be extended up to 10 and sometimes up to 30 days. At the expiration of that period, or excite criminal case, or refuse its excitation. There is a third option – the application is submitted to the court, if we are talking about criminal cases of private prosecution.
The victim has no right to withdraw your application for whatever reason it was, and for some reason decided not to bring the culprit to justice.

How to quit a case if to take a statement from the police is impossible

Termination of criminal proceedings is possible if held reconciliation of the victim with the accused and the victim received compensation for the done moral and material harm. In this case, the applicant shall submit a petition outlining the new circumstances of the case and request to stop the prosecution. Most likely he will meet, if there is a crime of medium gravity, and the defendant has not previously been brought to criminal liability and fully indemnified losses.
The investigator and the court must dismiss the case at the request of the victim, if it relates to criminal cases of private prosecution.

There is another way to stop the investigation, but it is fraught with the applicant's negative consequences. In this case, the victim re-turns to the police with a petition in which information of the first statements are called false. Such recognition threatens criminal case for perjury.
If you committed a serious crime, to stop criminal case has been initiated at the request of the applicant impossible.
Crimes that relate to the business of public prosecutions, investigated mandatory, regardless of the victim wrote the statement or not.
For such cases is not provided the reconciliation of the parties, so the court and the investigating authorities have full right to deny the victim's request to stop the investigation.
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