You will need
  • - passport
  • - the notarial power of attorney documents (if you want to pick up my diploma the other person)
  • - bypass list (if you haven't handed in Dean's office)
If the diploma about education was not received in time, please call the Dean's office of the institution where you studied, and to clarify where and when you can get your diploma. Then arrive at the agreed time and pick it up, presenting to prove your identity, a passport or a notarized power of attorney. The power of attorney is needed in that case, if you take a diploma of another person. Write a receipt for a diplomaand who will remain in the Dean's office.
If you are a graduate and would like to obtain a diploma earlier than the official ceremony will be held, contact the Dean's office of the institution and find out when you may be prematurely obtained a diploma of education. At the agreed time you come to the Dean's office, turn in the bypass list, student ticket and show your passport. Get a diploma and write a receipt that the document given to you.
In case of loss of the diplomaand the first to contact the nearest police station to get a certificate of loss of the document. Then apply to the Dean of the faculty where you studied, the application for a duplicate diplomaand produce a certificate from the police about the loss of the diploma. Specify how long you can be made a duplicate.
After submission of the application for a duplicate card, you come at the agreed time and either a passport, get a duplicate diplomaand that written receipt of receiving. If your school is not able to recover a duplicate of the Annex to the diploma, the duplicate diplomaissued to you without the application.
If you have successfully passed the state examinations, but the diplomaing the work is not protected, you can receive a diploma of incomplete higher education or academic certificate. To obtain such a document please contact the Dean's office of your faculty and write a statement about issuance of the diplomaand higher education to the rector. In a few weeks will receive a diploma or academic certificate, passport and a written receipt of the document.