Fence all samples from patients in a clinic or diagnostic center medical staff. Scraping on the detection of pinworms is used for the diagnosis of enterobiasis. To conduct laboratory studies on enterobiasis does the material of the outer imprint the perianal folds.
To diagnose need to take a scraping 3 times, the fence is done daily or every other day. Sometimes the doctor prescribes laxatives. For each patient we use the individual package for fence material, it includes a sterile laboratory glass slide and instruction manual containing the rules of the capture analysis. The procedure is performed immediately after waking, early in the morning, before defecation and washing. The fence is carried out using an adhesive, adhesive tape with a length of at least 5 cm.
After receiving the fingerprint, the adhesive tape is glued on a sterile glass slide, which is placed in a sterile package. On the label of the slide shows a number of studies, the name of the medical institution. Filled the form-direction with indication of surname, name and age of the patient's home address. The identification number must be registered in a special register of the clinic.
In a special container stacked glass slides with the material and directions given to the courier who delivers the material to conduct the study in the diagnostic centre or clinical diagnostic laboratory. The numbers shown on the slides should correspond to the numbers on the direction.
Slides material can be stored for 3 days, protected from light place at room temperature (+18 - +22?C). A physician assistant conducts a study of the delivered material under the binocular microscope. The results of the study, the patient is given a conclusion.