Apart from some very simple documents (copies of birth certificate of the child, passport details of one of the parents) you will need to bring the child for a medical examination and pass certain tests. Do not be afraid, there is nothing to worry, which is especially painful for your child. This procedure is mandatory, as it allows you to determine whether it is dangerous a new member of the team for the rest.

In fact, analyses need not so much.

General analysis of blood

General analysis of blood allows you to set important parameters that indicate the overall condition of an organism of the child. Here is a table with the rules of these indicators for children under 6 years of age:
- hemoglobin – 130-150g/l,
- erythrocytes – 3,8-4,9x10*12/l,
- white blood cells – 4-9x10*9/l
- ESR – 1-8 mm/HR,
- thrombocytes - 180-320х10*9/L.

Deviations from the norm are cause for more detailed studies that may be set by the local pediatrician. Blood samples taken from the finger. Optimum blood sampling early in the morning on an empty stomach.


Urinalysis – this study on protein content, hemoglobin, bilirubin, ketone bodies, glucose, specific gravity, color and transparency.

The fence of the urine should be implemented in the morning during the first urination, the first 5-10 ml should be skipped. Before doing this it is important to hold the WC is outside elovich bodies. Urination should be done in a clean, dry bowl with a wide neck and having a tight lid.

The General analysis of urine, like blood, is ready one day.

Feces on eggs of helminths

The incidence of helminthiasis is very common among children, since kids are constantly pulled into the mouth variety, not always clean items. In child care the possibility of transferring this disease from one kid to another very big. That's why in the garden you have to walk with the help of their absence. To take the test is not difficult. For this lab you need to take a fresh stool sample of the child. The result of the analysis, usually ready the next day. Along with a study on helminth eggs diagnosed the presence or absence of Giardia – cysts of protozoa.

Scraping on enterobiasis

This study for the presence of pinworms. This parasitic disease is particularly dangerous because it is transmitted very easily, for example, by contact through hands. Samples taken in the laboratory – do the scraping of the oral region.

Some gardens are the requirements in more detailed studies. Not to spoil the nerves and not to waste time before proceeding to medical research, should negotiate the matter with the administration of children's institutions.