First check for parasitesthat live in the gastrointestinal tract. Test is passing tests on the egg-worm and scraping. Tests may not show the presence of parasites the first time. For reliable result it is necessary to take them at least three times daily. Cal pass in the form of heat and fresh.
If these tests came back negative and the doctor suspects the presence of parasites in a patient assigned to the examination of blood for presence of antibodies. In case of positive results the accuracy is 100%. Assigned to anti-parasitic treatment and after it carried out re-survey intervals.
If you suspect the presence of parasites living in the liver is assigned the probing and testing of material taken. If the results of the analyses showed the presence data of parasites, then a long-term treatment in stationary conditions, which does not always lead to positive results. Some patients treated over the years and can't get rid of parasites. And just had to use checked the fish and subject it to careful heat treatment.
In order to prevent infestation wash hands before eating under running water with soap, carefully wash fruits, vegetables and herbs. After washing, all you need to parboil. Do not drink water from unknown sources or subject it to boiling. Prevaricate thoroughly and cook meat and fish. Do not drink unboiled milk from the cow. Better get tested and pasteurized dairy products in the store. Do not forget to carry out preventive deworming of Pets, time to treat them from fleas. Get rid of rodents that often live in basements.