Please note that "Trust" will not give you, if you activate your phone number was less than 6 months. In addition, the amount of your expenses for the last 3 months must not be less than 50 $ /mo. The service is available only to customers with prepaid billing system.
Don't count on getting a loan, if your balance is already zero or even "went negative". You can use the service only with a positive account balance.
Familiarize yourself with the applicable terms on the website of "Beeline" As of February 2012, the subscribers with monthly expenditure of less than 100 R. could obtain from the company on credit 30 p. At a cost of 100-1500 R. R. 90 provided At a cost of 1500 to 3000 p. I could count the amount of 150 R. If the expenses exceed 3000 rubles, for temporary use were granted 300 p.
Order the service "Trust payment" any way you want: using the USSD command *141#;- using SIM-menu "Beeline" (menu item "keep in touch" — "Trust payment");- calling from your phone "Beeline" to number 0611 (following the instructions of the e-operator, go to the alphabetical list of services).In response to the order, you will receive an SMS message stating the amount of the loan and period of repayment. Either will be marked with the reasons why the service "Trust payment" may not be available to you.
Fund your account with your mobile phone prior to the scheduled date of repayment of the loan any way you want. Note that at the end of the term of service, your account will write off not only the amount of "Trustee payment", but payment for its use. As of February 2012, this fee amounted to 5 p. If prior to the scheduled date you will not be able to recharge, your number will be blocked. In this case again to fully use your phone, you can only once redeem the resulting debt.