If the child present any complaints related to the gastrointestinal tract, General malaise, allergic diseases, along with the verification of all bodies it must examine for the presence of helminths. To pass feces on eggs a worm it is necessary in the form of heat and not less than three times in a row, as in the first portion of stool is not always possible to detect the presence of eggs.
Scraping is taken in the morning. To wash away the child before taking the scraping is strictly contraindicated, otherwise the results will be unreliable.
If the classic tests have not produced results is the blood test for the presence of antibodies. Blood need to take early in the morning on an empty stomach.
Negative tests for worms, but if you have suspicions, the doctor prescribes a preventive therapy. Assign the child the treatment is strictly contraindicated.
Treatment you need to hold all members of the family, free from helminths of domestic animals. The house should conduct a General cleaning and Laundry.