You will need
  • The canopy attachment to canopy, tools (drill, screwdriver)
It all depends on how you plan to place the crib of the baby. If she stands against the wall for its length, and the mounts for the canopy it is better to have on the same back side. But if the crib is narrow side to the wall, then, of course, more preferred is a variant in which the strut for the canopy attaches it to the back of the back. Both design look beautiful and make a "nest" of baby very comfortable. Traditionally, girls usually choose valances pink colors and for boys, respectively, and blue shades. Although no less elegant look light beige, yellow, pale orange and green color.
The mount for the canopy is a metal hollow tube (rack) and a metal rod, bent oval and having a curved "moustache" that are inserted into the hole of the rack. The rack bolted to the top rung of the crib with screws. However, practice shows that still better drill to make holes through which to tightly attach the base to the canopy. Otherwise, the ubiquitous younger kid pulling the edge of the canopy, the risk of injury and a falling metal rods.
Hang a canopy on a cot in various ways. He can be sewn in such a way that suggests different fixtures for hanging. This may be a special rope-ties, of which the canopy is tied to the metal oval. Also, let's say an option in which the canopy just put on a metal oval. The most optimal, aesthetically Mature and reliable is the hanging canopy in a different way. To do this, pull out the metal oval of the rack and through the whiskers, string on his canopy, gathering in the lush folds. Then insert the "whiskers" into place. A canopy on the crib ready.