The analysis on eggs of worms for rent, if you need help in the children's garden development center, swimming pool. The pediatrician gives a direction for the examination of feces, with an annual routine physical examination of child before admission to a medical facility and indicated. Analysis allows you to test feces for the presence of ascariasis, hookworm and trichinosis. To check a feces on eggs of worms, you need to prepare a clean container, to collect her material and carry in the morning in the lab. Usually this should be done before 10 or 11 o'clock.

How to collect and store the material for the analysis on eggs of worms?

The analysis on eggs of worms going in the morning and immediately apply to the lab, but not always the baby poops in the morning. Cal you can prepare in the afternoon or evening, and the next day to drive to the clinic. If helminth eggs in the feces are present, they will not disappear. Material during the day is considered eligible for the study, the longer it can not be stored. In any case it is impossible to collect feces obtained with the help of an enema.

When the baby poops, take out of the pot a small portion of feces, approximately the size of a pea, a stick or a plastic spoon and put the material into a container for analysis. During the collection you should try to not pee. The jar should be stored in a cool place: on the balcony, windowsill or in the fridge, pre-wrapped container in a plastic bag. Before delivery to the laboratory should be removed. The results of the analysis will be ready the next day.

How to prepare a container for tests?

Some parents are mistaken, considering that for collecting analysis will only fit a sterile jar. It is, of course, can be purchased at the pharmacy, but it is not mandatory. For the collection of feces is necessary to prepare a small glass or plastic container and well wash it off. The laboratory does not accept material for analysis on helminth eggs in matchboxes and plastic bags.

A potty, a diaper or the toilet, which will be cal must be clean. Some moms thoroughly wash the pot and scald it with boiling water, but this procedure is not necessary.

To collect a feces on eggs of worms is easy. You need to prepare, and not a sterile container. To collect the material better in the morning on the day of delivery of the analysis or during the day and store in a cool place. Special preparation for the analysis is not required, but for reliability we need to observe the rules of collection and storage of material.