Scraping take 3 times, daily or every other day. Each patient has an individual sterile pack for collection of material and includes a glass slide and manual. The procedure is performed early in the morning, right after sleep, before defecation and washing, using sticky tape no longer than 5 cm are Not hygienic bath to the fence material. Sticky tape in the composition of the individual package is not included.
After print, the tape is glued on a glass slide, which is placed in a sterile package or wrapped in paper. On the label of the glass must be indicated the identification number of the patient and the name of the medical facility, and also filled the form-direction with indication of surname, name, age, home address. The identification number is recorded in a special log facility.
Glass slides with the material and directions are stacked in a special container and given to the courier who delivers the analysis to the clinical diagnostic laboratory for examination. The rooms of the glasses must match the numbers on the direction.
The glass material can be stored in a dark place at room temperature (+18 - +22?C) for 3 days. Laboratory doctor examines the delivered material under the microscope. The result of the study is ready in a few hours.