A medical examination before school

Medical examination of the child is preferable to pass in medical institution of the place of residence. Medical examination is done only once when placing the child in school, in the future, this examination will be conducted as appropriate: as part of routine medical examination, after contact with patients with infectious diseases, before vaccination. Local pediatrician gives direction to visit the necessary specialists to conduct laboratory analyses. Before enrolling in school a child needs to visit the following specialists: otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, dentist, speech therapist, psychologist. Teenagers under the age of 14, recommended additional testing at the doctor-endocrinologist, female gynecologist, men – urologist-andrologist. Mandatory laboratory studies for processing of personal medical cards student include: General clinical analysis of blood (KLA) clinical urinalysis (OAM), fecal worm eggs and protozoa, fecal enterobiasis. If necessary, the pediatrician will prescribe additional examinations and laboratory tests, consultations of doctors-specialists. Depending on the specialization of educational institutions, research facilities can be expanded based on the specifics of teaching children.

The tests needed to enroll in school

General analysis of blood for laboratory at the health facility in the morning on an empty stomach from the finger. Urine for General analysis, it is necessary to collect in the morning in a container for biological material, purchased at the pharmacy, after hygienic procedures. Going to an average portion of urine newly issued, capacity marked with the indication of surname, name, date of birth and date of urine collection, and delivered to the laboratory in the shortest time. Cal for research on helminth eggs and protozoa collected in clean dry container after showering and signed. To obtain reliable results it is preferable to collect feces from different places of the stool and deliver to the laboratory within a short time. Cal for pinworms is taken with the use of a cotton swab, which you must take in the lab. The biomaterial for research going early in the morning from the folds around the anus.

Documents required for registration of a medical card

For the passage of medical specialists and delivery of laboratory studies in the clinic by place of residence, it is necessary to have only the policy of obligatory medical insurance of the child. When contacting another health care facility need to take birth certificate of the child, the identity document of the attendant, a medical insurance policy and vaccination certificate.