You will need
  • - passport;
  • - medical insurance policy;
  • - money.
Depending on your willingness/reluctance to be tested anonymously you can contact city dermatovenerologic dispensary or private clinic. Visit a doctor-the urologist (doctor) if you are a man otherwise, a doctor-gynecologist. If necessary, please pay the admission.
If you go to government health facility be sure to bring your passport and an insurance policy that you will need to provide. It is best to visit to find out all the information on the phone, calling the receptionist and finding out in advance what you need to bring with you and adding the cost of paid services (receiving, sampling, etc.).
After inspection, the external signs and manifestations of the disease (if any) a doctor can make a preliminary diagnosis/diagnoses, which does not always coincide with the test results. If something bothers you – be sure to tell him about it during a visit. In order to confirm or refute the suggestion of a doctor, be sure to do the tests, namely, smear on bacterial culture. Depending on the medical institution to which you applied, the results of these tests, you will be able to get at least 30 minutes, with a maximum of three days.
If you want to make sure that cured the previously existing sexually transmitted disease, you can also donate blood from a vein (only for certain diseases). According to the results of tests on reception at the doctor you will know whether the disease in the past, or must undergo additional treatment. The credits you can if you want to know about when it was infected with a venereal disease or even diseases.
Remember, if the tests were taken in the incubation period or within 3-4 weeks after taking antibiotics, they can be unreliable. The research results should be interpreted by a doctor, as possible false-positive and false-negative results.