You will need
  • Clean container with lid
  • Q-tip
  • Glue, paper and pen for labels
  • Water
  • Sticky tape and bits of glass
  • The direction of the blood
Turn on analysis of the feces for the detection of worms in it these parasites lay eggs. To obtain reliable data it is recommended to buy in a drugstore a special one-time capacity-a container with an airtight lid and spoon made of plastic. You can also use small clean jar (e.g. baby food), screw down tightly. Stick to the capacity of paper (purchased container it already is) and indicate on it the name and the time of analysisand for worms.
Do scraping on enterobiasis (pinworm infection). Such analysis is easy to do for small children at home. Remove the swab and the specialist directly in the laboratory, however, a child this process usually causes the resistance. Early in the morning, moisten a clean cotton swab with water and wipe with baby perianal folds. Immediately after this place the smear in a clean container.
You can also stick to the anus a piece of adhesive tape of cellophane, quickly remove it and place between two sterile glass slides (set of panes and films will give you in the clinic). It is recommended to conduct such test 2-3 times at intervals of 3-5 days.
Give blood for determination of helminthes. Sometimes detect parasites previous methods fail, the doctor may advise additional research on blood concentrations of immunoglobulins - molecules which struggle with toxins and pathogens. The result of the analysis ofa blood will allow the doctor to determinewhat type of worms parasite in your body. After this, you will prescribe the appropriate treatment.