Usually results medical books are engaged in specialized public health facilities. However, you can go in a private medical centre to avoid queues. Naturally, the services of private doctors will cost more. For different fields of activity the list of examinations and tests is different. In any case, to obtain a sanitary documents are required to be examined by a physician to do a chest x-ray, to provide a statement of immunization or vaccination certificate.
However, such a minimum set is only for drivers of public transport and taxis, as well as sellers of non-food items. To be able to work in the food trade or food industry, will have in addition pass the following tests:
the feces on dysentery, helminth eggs and pinworms;
- blood on Phragmites, typhoid fever.
- swab for Staphylococcus aureus;
- ECG;
biochemical and clinical analysis of blood;
- the General analysis of urine.

In addition, you will need to pass the examination dentist, dermatologist, ENT, psychiatrist.
To pass the same tests and examined by specialists and have employees catering: cooks, waiters, posudomoya. For such categories of professions, such as teachers, personnel of kindergartens, camps, counselors, and employees of beauty salons, saunas and swimming pools (barbers, bath attendants, workers in nail salons), the list also includes all of the above tests. Medical professionals, in addition, tested for HIV, hepatitis b and hepatitis C.
By law, personal medknizhki must have and hotel workers, flight attendants, conductors on trains, the staff of dry cleaners. They only need to take chest x-rays, a blood test for syphilis, clinical and biochemical blood tests, urinalysis, screening for gonorrhea and ECG. Pharmacists and pharmacists are required to hand over a feces on eggs a worm and enterobiasis.