Make sure that you meet all the requirements to advance to the recruits and there are no obstacles to your entering the service: you are living abroad, have not been convicted for grave and public crimes, against you do not conduct inquiry or preliminary investigation by law enforcement agencies, in judicial proceedings is the cases in which you were the defendant. Your close relatives must also have a clean criminal record and reside abroad.
You must not have outstanding conviction for committing a crime to serve the punishment in form of arrest, detention or restriction of freedom, correctional labour. In addition, you also don't need to be registered in dermatological-venereologic, narcological and psycho-neurological dispensary and in law enforcement. The recruit who wants to serve in the Presidential regiment, must be from full families and have education below completed secondary.
To the condition put forward the following requirements: height from 175 to 190 cm, weight within normal limits, a good General physical development, visual acuity in both eyes is not less than 0,7, normal vision and hearing (good perception of whispered speech in both ears at a distance more than 6 meters). The recruit must have the Slavic appearance and clear speech defect, and his body should not be piercings, tattoos or scars.
Review the list of jobs posted on the official website of the Kremlin regiment, if you intend to serve it under the contract, or notify the draft Board that want to serve in the presidential regiment. After passing the selection in the military you will need to give written consent authorizing FSB to conduct an audit in relation to your personality, and be interviewed by the FSB. In addition, you will find the testing procedure and interview with representatives of the Kremlin regiment. To notify the draft Board of his decision is necessary for several months before the beginning of the call, otherwise you will not have time to pass all stages of selection.