Make every effort to properly master the school course of physics and mathematics and pass the exam in these subjects, with the highest possible points. Engage in the study of programming languages and fundamentals of engineering. If you have to call in the army was engaged in a circle electronics or even graduated from College, then with high probability you will distribute it to the troops communications. What matters is that you were at least category best before "B".
Talk to members of the military that you would like to serve in the troopsx connection before the call. Imagine documents, diplomas and certificates, proving that you really can become an indispensable specialist.
If you want to study in one of the military schools of communication, will receive appropriate direction from the recruiting office, where you will need to apply. To become a cadet you can, if:- you are between 16 and 22 years (up to 23-24 for those who have passed urgent service , or service under the contract in any troopsx);- you have a high school diploma;- you have high scores the exam in physics, mathematics, Russian language;- you have a category of suitability for military service of not less than "B"; you could pass all the standards to assess your level of physical fitness.
Talk with alumni from a school, for example, the Ulyanovsk higher military school of communication on the forum ( Learn how to pass theoretical and practical training of communicationists, what difficulties can you expect and what the actual prospects are for a military expert with the diploma of such schools.
The term of study at the military higher education institution – 5 years. Graduate from College and get a profession of a military engineer of means of communication. In addition, you will be given the rank of Lieutenant, and you will be able to qualify for service in one of the units of the RA.