You will need
  • request for entry.
To get into the closed city can be if it is home to your relatives, whether by blood or purchased. Native writing request to enter in your name, for about two months now since the test, after which you get permission. If you are a citizen of a foreign state, the scanning takes more time pass you will receive not earlier than in 6 months.
You can come as a member of scientific or cultural events. In some closed cities are scientific conferences – for example, Kharitonov readings in Sarov. There are both adult and children's program. In the children's program are students from any city of Russia, children's reading held in many disciplines: physics, chemistry, Informatics, biology and so on. Usually children arriving in groups accompanied by scientific leader, parents are not allowed. In the adult program Kharitonov's readings bring together scientists working in related activities of the Sarov nuclear center problems; typically, these scientists have access to certain classified information.Also in ZATO (closed administrative-territorial units) offers a variety of musical and theatrical festivals. And to compete not only artists exclusively from sensitive areas (e.g., national contest of theaters BUT the "Territory of culture of nuclear branch") – for some events allowed participants from open cities.
Not do without sports BUT in life – children and adult competitions in various sports are held in many of them regularly. So the next way to go there is to arrive at the composition of sports teams.
All scientific, cultural and sports activities also issued a special pass – it will need again for about two months. In special cases in closed cities allowed media representatives.
Another way is to enroll in a local secondary or high school. Non-resident students in closed cities were allowed not so long ago, thereby giving many the chance to get a unique specialized education associated with the city.As you can see, the closed cities of Russia are not entirely separated from the surrounding life – there even is not the light, but completely legal ways to visit.