Service "Radar" from the Megaphone will help you to find the location of the person

Use of "Radar", it is possible to locate a person by phone number operators MegaFon, MTS and Beeline, it is sufficient once to obtain the consent from the owner.

MegaFon offers three types of services "Radar", each of which has its own terms of use.

1. Service "Radar Lite is free and allows you to track the location of a subscriber a day, to determine its location and is controlled by the following commands: query *566*56#call connection services.

2. Service "Radar" means that you pay 3 rubles a day, unlimited number of definitions 5 subscribers and private location and is managed as follows:

connection services: *566#call *111*3#call *505*192#call; sending a message to the room 5166 with one of the variants of the text On REG On REG CHECK or a blank SMS; sending a message to a number 5051 with the version of the text 9220 or CEE – connection of service;

- disable the service: request *505*0*192#a call, sending a SMS to the number 5166 with one of the teams OFF OFF UNREG; message to the number 5051, text STOP or STOP 9220 CEE.

3. Service "Radar+" has a cost of 7 rubles per day, allows you to locate a person by phone number an unlimited number of times, but not more than 5 subscribers. In addition, the user can define its own location, the path of movement of the tracked rooms and obtain information about its output or input in a geographical area. You can manage the service using the following commands:

- to activate the service: combination *256#call, *566*9#call *505*3790#call; SMS to number 5166 with one of the teams On+ On+ Radar+ Radar+ or +; message to the number 5051 with text or 3789 3791;

- to deactivate the service: request *505*0*3790#call; a message to the number 5166 with teams to choose Off+ OFF+ or UNREG+; SMS to 5051 with the text STOP 3791или STOP 3789.

To connect or disconnect services "Radar" and "Radar+" you can also use the mobile application "Radar" for smartphones with OS Android and iOS, as well as contacting the website or SIM portal MegaFonPRO.

The data about the monitored room can be obtained in different ways:

- text information in the SMS message describing coordinates;

- textual information with map fragments in an MMS message;

- fragment of interactive map with the mark on her caller when using the official website or the app "Radar".

How to know the location of the person with the service from MegaFon Tracker"

To constantly be aware of the location of your child, you need to use the free service "Beacon", which is valid on children's service plans. To locate a person by phone number using this service is possible only after connection of the service and identify the required numbers of a child.

To manage the Tracker service you can use the following commands and queries:

- *141* phone number of user# call (e.g., *141*79138889991#call) is sent with a child on the phone one of the parents as a consent to locate;

- *141#call – request to determine the location of the child, to which the answer should be a message that includes a map and text information or SMS if number to be searched was not found.

To locate a person by phone number using a "Beacon" at the whole territory of Russia with a frequency of 1 every 3 minutes. To use the service, the child must be connected to one of the following rates: "Smeshariki", "the Diary.<url>" or "Ring-Ding". To track the numbers phone the desired must be enabled and have a positive cash balance in the account.