The location – specific service. For its successful implementation often requires obtaining permission from the person being searched. However, there are some ways which allow you to learn where the person, on the telephone without his consent.

Take advantage of the services offered by the operator MegaFon. You can add any of your opponents in a special list to determine its location without further queries. It is enough to send an SMS message that contains the subscriber's number through the seven, to the short number 1400.

At the first location, the subscriber must approve the request. However, after that it will be added to a special list of people who trust you, and later you can find out where the man by phone number without his consent.

For subscribers of MegaFon is available another method of determining the location of other people. In this case we are talking about finding the coordinates of the child. The service is called "Beacon", and he acts in fares "Smeshariki" and "Ring-Ding". Dial *141 # and enter the mobile phone number of your child. Now you can determine where your child is on the telephone without his consent.

In all other cases, in determining the location requires permission from the person you are trying to find. For example, subscribers of MegaFon can use the command *148*subscriber number# and voice service 0888. The cost of service is 5 rubles.

To determine the location of the subscriber of MTS, use "Locator". It's enough to send a short message, specifying the number, on 6677. The service costs from 5 to 10 rubles, depending on the current rate.

If you want to know where the subscriber of Beeline, try one of the two rooms. The first of these 06849924, it simply call and follow the voice prompts to request the coordinates of the desired subscriber. You can also send an SMS message that contains the letter "L" to the short number 684. The cost of these queries is 2 rubles.