Clients of the operator "MegaFon" can determine the location of the person the number of different ways. The first of these is the use of special USSD-request *148*subscriber's number#. Please note that the room must be specified in international format, starting with the sevens. As alternative method you can call to the number 0888 and tell the operator you are interested in a phone number. There is also a site Locator "MegaFon", which allows to determine the location of the subscriber's number using a computer with Internet connection.
The service is called "the Locator" and is available to subscribers of "MTS". To activate this option send an SMS message with the phone you are interested subscriber to the number 6677. To request the service and the support centre operator by calling the number 0890.
Try also to locate a person using a special "Mobile locator" from the operator of cellular communication "Beeline". Type the letter L in the text of the SMS message, the phone of the subscriber and send to the number 684. To access the support center, dial the number 0611.