You will need
  • - the Bank card of the savings Bank;
  • - the mobile phone.
If You have "Mobile Bank" of Sberbank, it is possible to replenish the account via SMS messages. To do this, send to number 900 SMS with the payment amount. The specified option is ideal if you join a private room. If you need to replenish the balance of another person then the SMS must be in the form (TEL 9ХХХХХХХХХ 100), where 9ХХХХХХХХХ phone MTS and 100 is the payment amount. Remain confirm via SMS.
To transfer money to MTS through the "Sberbank Online" initially log in to online banking. Then select "Payments and transfers". In the opened window click on the folder "Mobile communication" and find operator MTS. On the next page you need to specify the map, which will be paid by the telephone number of the MTS subscriber and the amount to transfer. Remain confirm the operation through MTS.
If you regularly make payments to MTS, it is necessary to connect the auto payment. To do this, create it in the Internet Bank, phone number, regularity of payment and the amount to replenish the balance.
To recharge MTS through the ATM insert the card and enter its pin. Then navigate to "Payment services" and select "Pay for mobile communication without a fee". It remains to enter the number of the MTS subscriber and the amount to be paid.
You can recharge your account on the website of the operator at Here choose the option "Pay with credit card", specify the number, amount and complete the credit card details (its number, expiration date, holder, cvv2 code). After filling all information will remain confirm the payment via SMS.