The location of the subscriber "the Megaphone" by means of request to the number *148*subscriber's number# or call in voice service 0888. For calling any of these numbers from your account will be charged with 5 rubles.
You can also obtain the location information of the other party directly on the website locator.megafon.EN. After sending the request, your phone will receive a message with information about the subscriber and the card, which can be viewed not only on phone but on computer. However, it should be noted that to determine the whereabouts of another man is possible only in case if he will give his consent. For this it needs to send a message to 000888 with your number (in the format +7).
There is another method by which to set the information concerning the subscriber. "MegaFon" provides special service for children and parents called "Beacon." With it, users of tariffs "Smeshariki" and "Ring-Ding" will be able to always be aware of the whereabouts of their children. As soon as you wish to find out, just start typing a number *141# and press the call button. Soon you will receive a MMS message with a map and exact coordinates.