You will need
  • Mobile phone with active SIM card.
Cellular operator "MegaFon" offers the customers several search options to its subscribers. One of them is called "Beacon." This free method is for parents and their children, using tariff plans of "Smeshariki", "Ring-Ding" or "".
The same useful function has the service "Radar". To activate use USSD-request, typing on her cell phone command *111*3# or *566#. Once is enough to get permission from a friend or family member at any time to search for it. Make a request and get the coordinates of the sought person, who will come to your phone as SMS or MMS messages.
To determine the location of the subscribers of "MegaFon" with the help of providing for a monthly fee, the service "Navigator". Activate it by sending your phone a SMS message to the number 1400 or by USSD-request *140#. To the instructions for use of services "Navigator" available on the official website of "MegaFon".
If you are using a mobile connection from the company "MTS" call from your cell phone to the short service number 6677 and connect Lokator - hour search service subscriber. Go through the activation procedure services and get the coordinates of the user mobile communication, which you want to find.
Send a combination of digits corresponding to the phone number you are looking for person, number 6677. Please note that connectivity and usage of services for all customers "MTS" absolutely free.
Find the location of the subscriber using the cellular services of company "Beeline". Send your special request in the form of a short SMS message to the service number 684. In the text of his message, specify the letter L. we will Specify the cost of the service on the official website of the cellular company "Beeline".