Advice 1: How to find location by phone number Megaphone

Often, users of mobile communication there is a need not only to communicate with a particular subscriber and to determine location by phone number Megaphone. The mobile operator provides users with opportunities to search.
How to find location by phone number Megaphone
Use the "Navigator"to determine the location by phone number Megaphone. You can not only see where your friends and relatives, but also to see the map of their coordinates. In addition, this service Megaphone allows you to determine the location of subscribers of MTS. To use it you can use SMS, USSD requests, or site operator.
Connect the service "Navigator" to determine the location of MegaFon subscribers by dialing *140# or sending the word REG to the short number 1400. Daily subscriber fee is 3 rubles. The cost of a request - 5 rubles.
Add a subscriber to your search list to determine location by phone number Megaphone. To do this, send an SMS message with the subscriber number in international format to number 1400. Remember that to find out the location of the subscriber Megaphone only with his consent. The subscriber will receive special request from "Navigator" to your phone on which he will need to send the word "YES". So you will be able to add to the created lists of users in the location are needed the most.
You should also try to determine location by phone number, MegaFon, by calling the number 0888. You will answer an operator. Tell him your surname, name and patronymic of the subscriber number. After a while, after consent is obtained prior to implementation of services, coordinates of the subscriber will be sent to you in the form of SMS messages. Also quickly determine the location of the telephone Megaphone it is possible with the help of convenient website
Find out where the subscriber of the Megaphone, you can even in roaming. Determine the location of the person from the list generated using the alerts feature on the entrance/exit from a given area. You can also adjust the schedule of definitions with the help of USSD - and SMS-commands, web-sites, and also through the application "MegaFon-Yandex.Cards." Define location by phone number, MegaFon in Russia is possible if it is located in the network coverage area. In the payment of roaming GPRS traffic is carried out according to the relevant tariffs.

Advice 2: How to know number location

In the age of "mobilization" increasingly, users of cellular phones there is a need to know the number the location of a particular subscriber. Today, mobile network operators enable you to do it within a certain package.
How to know number location
Try to know the number location of caller, contact your mobile operator. Tell me your surname, name and patronymic, then the data on the person you want to find, and the room. The operator will help you find out where the user is located, stating his approximate location. It should be remembered that the coordinates provided may be inaccurate. It will have to wait until the operator sends a request to the person you are looking for a solution to this procedure. This method of determining the subscriber's location is almost not used. Typically, subscribers are provided with the opportunity to learn the location of the person in the room by activating the service via the short number.
If you are a customer of the operator "Beeline", you can activate the service through your personal account on the company website. To find the number location in the text of the SMS message, type the letter L and send it to short number 684. The service will cost in the range of 2 rubles.
Subscribers of the operator "MTS" also have the opportunity to learn the location of the person in the room thanks to the special service "Locator". To activate it, send SMS-message to short number 6677, putting the mobile phone number of the person you want to find. He, in turn, must also consent to a search, otherwise you will not be able to obtain the coordinates of the location of his mobile phone. In accordance with your rate account will be debited with the amount of from ten to fifteen rubles.
Users of the operator "MegaFon" can know the location by phone number in several different ways. Its subscribers, the company provides easy USSD: simply dial *148* subscriber's number#, be sure putting it through the international format beginning with "+7". Learn the room location and on 0888, through which you will be able to contact the operator and make a request for a search. Finally, the subscribers of the "MegaFon" can just go to the website and to obtain the necessary information about the location of the person in the appropriate section.

Advice 3: How to know the location of the person on the phone

Mobile telephone is truly a multifunctional device that allows to call a particular subscriber, but also, for example, to find out the location of the person in the room. The largest Russian cellular operators provide subscribers with relevant services on a fee basis.
To know the location of the person on the phone will help the operator
Call the technical support service of your operator to learn the location of the person on the phone, which can be found on the website of the company. It will save time if you do not wish to understand the proposed services and to make their connection for a long time. Inform the name, surname and patronymic of the person you want to find, then give me your full name and passport details, if need be.
Pass the mobile number of the subscriber, then expect some arrival time of the message with the coordinates of the right person. Please note that to find the location of the person on the phone will be possible only with his consent. If he won't send a reply SMS message with the confirmation you will not receive his coordinates. In addition, it is not always possible immediately call up the operator, and the process of finding the desired accommodation in a manual mode too, takes some time.
Connect special service that allows you to know the location of the person on the phone. The subscribers of MTS need to use "Locator". Activate it by sending SMS with mobile phone number of the subscriber to the number 6677, and then wait for confirmation and a response message with the coordinates. Usluga is paid, and each search result will cost you the sum from 10 to 15 rubles.
Activate the location services of the subscriber on the operator Beeline. Send to the short number 684 the letter L and follow the instructions. The service costs about 2 rubles.
Select how to know the location of the person on the phone, on the tariffs of MegaFon. For example, you can take advantage of the easy USSD request: dial *148* subscriber's number# by including it in the international format using "+7". You have a short number 0888 to connect to "Locator" and other services, as well as a special website providing the coordinates of the person on the map online. Each search will cost about 5 rubles.
Go to your personal office on the website of the operator whose services you use, in the list of current options rate select and connect those that are designed to perform people search. Here you can run them off, if you are no longer required.

Advice 4: How do you know your number Megaphone

After buying a new SIM card subscribers not immediately remember your phone number. And you need to know in order to give friends and family to put money into the account to use various services. So many important to figure out how to find out your broadband TV.
How do you know your number megaphone
The surest way to know your phone number Megaphone - find the documents from the purchased SIM cards. There are not only the numbers but also many other important information: rate, useful phone numbers, settings, pin and puck codes.
It is easy to find your room if you are near another owner of the mobile. We can call him or send an SMS, then it will display your phone.
But how do you know your number Megaphone, if you have enabled calling number identification restriction, no money in the account or no one is around? And then the operators took care of their forgetful customers. Learn the numbers on your phone you can use USSD-command.
If you are a subscriber of Moscow, Central, far East, Ural, Volga regions, you can dial *205# and press call. On the phone screen to display the ten-digit phone number. The subscribers of North-West region, including St. Petersburg, are required to complete a request *127#, Siberia *70#. You should pay attention to the fact that service is paid. It costs one ruble, but in roaming, this amount may be more.
Many people also need to know your number SIM card of the Megaphone on the tablet. To view your numbers, you need to go through the mobile Internet to the website operator with a tablet computer. At the top of the portal will be displayed not only phone number, but the balance of the SIM card. In this case, when a user is in the home area will be traffic free.
View your phone number, you can actually mobile or tablet. For example, on the iPhone it can be found in settings under "phone".
If for any reason failed to learn their number MegaFon above methods, you can always apply with a passport to the salon communication. It will help to solve any problem of the subscriber.

Advice 5: How to locate a person

Modern mobile services allow you to get almost any information about subscribers of cellular communication. For example, you can define the location of the person in the room, by plugging a special option from your operator.
To determine the location of a person in several ways
Clients of the operator "MegaFon" can determine the location of the person the number of different ways. The first of these is the use of special USSD-request *148*subscriber's number#. Please note that the room must be specified in international format, starting with the sevens. As alternative method you can call to the number 0888 and tell the operator you are interested in a phone number. There is also a site Locator "MegaFon", which allows to determine the location of the subscriber's number using a computer with Internet connection.
The service is called "the Locator" and is available to subscribers of "MTS". To activate this option send an SMS message with the phone you are interested subscriber to the number 6677. To request the service and the support centre operator by calling the number 0890.
Try also to locate a person using a special "Mobile locator" from the operator of cellular communication "Beeline". Type the letter L in the text of the SMS message, the phone of the subscriber and send to the number 684. To access the support center, dial the number 0611.
To determine the location of a person only with his consent. As soon as you order the corresponding service, he will receive a text message asking you to confirm your current coordinates. The subscriber can answer in the affirmative, with the result that you will get a message you are interested in. In case of failure to find the location of the subscriber would be impossible. Service obtain the coordinates of the person is paid. Specify the cost by contacting your operator.
Useful advice
Avoid fraudulent resources offering know a person's location with the help of special programs or mobile services that do not require confirmation from the subscriber. To find the right person in ways impossible. Most likely, your account will be debited a large sum of money.

Advice 6: How to locate person by phone number

Modern development of high technology to provide society with innovative products that make life easier. Early to determine a person's location at any given time without outside help was an almost impossible task. Now the search is maximally simplified and is not difficult for any user. Currently, there are several ways to find the location of the person through easily accessible electronic gadgets
How to locate person by phone number

The location of the person using the mobile operator

Most methods are based on the use of advanced information technologies and communication services. The most common is the use of the services of mobile operators. The procedure for connecting this service is similar to most of them. For the convenience of customers it as simple as possible. The algorithm begins with activation of send the request in the form of a USSD command, specifying the phone number of the wanted man. After that, the request for service activation is confirmed by the SMS message according to the operator tariff. This service uses an Internet connection in order to determine the location of the person, guided by the signals of his mobile device. Users of this function enough to carry any portable device with network access.

  • The "service Locator" from Beeline (Android only): room 5166 sent a blank SMS and downloaded the app. The service costs 3 rubles a day, it is possible to track 5 rooms including operators MegaFon and MTS.
  • Service "Navigator" from the Megaphone: sent USSD-command *140# or search is on the website The desired subscriber is tracked on the website or via USSD-command *140*number search phone#, the phone being searched is indicated by format 7 XXXXXXXXXXXX. Price: 3 rubles per day. You can monitor and MTS.
  • MTS: connected to the service "Locator". Sending the USSD command *111*788# activate this service. Sending SMS to 6677 the name and phone number of the monitored subscriber, you add it to the list of monitored. For example, "DOB Catherine 89610536445". Surveillance is conducted for subscribers of MegaFon. The paid service, the price - 100 rubles a month.

Methodology an online search is available even for regular phones, do not require the installation of special software or reference to the stationary equipment, making it the most common tracking system.

Find out the location via GPS tracker

The search function also has a built in GPS tracker. This device partially duplicates the functions of a conventional phone, allowing you to receive and make calls to a limited number of rooms, with built-in GPS component associated with the satellite, makes the device a kind of "tracker", allowing with high accuracy to determine the location of the person, owning this GPS tracker.

Providing GPS tracker Sim card and adjusting the settings for receiving notifications, the user can at any time to know its position with high precision, using Internet resources, as well as through SMS. A range of options of this device enables its wearer to exercise complete control over all movements of the object of surveillance, and compact size "light", therefore it is virtually invisible and easy to use. GPS tracker is widely spread as an appropriate instrument for parents with high precision to determine the location of their children. Thanks to this device the children are under constant supervision, and their parents receive notification about their movements.

Mobile app – another way to find the location of the person

The owners of modern portable communication devices, it is advisable to use special search functions through a mobile application integrated in the operating systems of most smartphones. Downloaded and installed these programs absolutely free. The search function they are configured the best way, and in cases necessary, the specialists of service center will help you to solve all questions in the use of search programs on smartphones.

Beware of scams

When trying to learn the location of the person try not to fall for tricks fraudsters. On beautifully designed sites, they can offer these services for a nominal fee. But sending an SMS to a short number, you will simply lose money. The second option is to download the program, ostensibly to track the location of a person. Instead, the computer will simply be infected by a malicious virus.

Modern technology promotes the implementation of advanced surveillance techniques available to the masses. Thanks to modern GPS systems and special applications of the latest smartphones and programs designed for regular phones to determine the location of the person is not difficult.

Advice 7: How to locate a person by phone number a Megaphone

Operator "MegaFon" offers to its clients the use of many useful services, one of which is the ability to search the other party in his room. This may be a child, relative or close friend who for any reason wishes to have his room monitored. To subscribers of MegaFon can determine a person's location by phone number, the operator developed a convenient commands and applications that are selected depending on the device used, whether a regular phone, smartphone, tablet, or computer with Internet access.
How to locate a person by phone number a Megaphone

Service "Radar" from the Megaphone will help you to find the location of the person

Use of "Radar", it is possible to locate a person by phone number operators MegaFon, MTS and Beeline, it is sufficient once to obtain the consent from the owner.

MegaFon offers three types of services "Radar", each of which has its own terms of use.

1. Service "Radar Lite is free and allows you to track the location of a subscriber a day, to determine its location and is controlled by the following commands: query *566*56#call connection services.

2. Service "Radar" means that you pay 3 rubles a day, unlimited number of definitions 5 subscribers and private location and is managed as follows:

connection services: *566#call *111*3#call *505*192#call; sending a message to the room 5166 with one of the variants of the text On REG On REG CHECK or a blank SMS; sending a message to a number 5051 with the version of the text 9220 or CEE – connection of service;

- disable the service: request *505*0*192#a call, sending a SMS to the number 5166 with one of the teams OFF OFF UNREG; message to the number 5051, text STOP or STOP 9220 CEE.

3. Service "Radar+" has a cost of 7 rubles per day, allows you to locate a person by phone number an unlimited number of times, but not more than 5 subscribers. In addition, the user can define its own location, the path of movement of the tracked rooms and obtain information about its output or input in a geographical area. You can manage the service using the following commands:

- to activate the service: combination *256#call, *566*9#call *505*3790#call; SMS to number 5166 with one of the teams On+ On+ Radar+ Radar+ or +; message to the number 5051 with text or 3789 3791;

- to deactivate the service: request *505*0*3790#call; a message to the number 5166 with teams to choose Off+ OFF+ or UNREG+; SMS to 5051 with the text STOP 3791или STOP 3789.

To connect or disconnect services "Radar" and "Radar+" you can also use the mobile application "Radar" for smartphones with OS Android and iOS, as well as contacting the website or SIM portal MegaFonPRO.

The data about the monitored room can be obtained in different ways:

- text information in the SMS message describing coordinates;

- textual information with map fragments in an MMS message;

- fragment of interactive map with the mark on her caller when using the official website or the app "Radar".

How to know the location of the person with the service from MegaFon Tracker"

To constantly be aware of the location of your child, you need to use the free service "Beacon", which is valid on children's service plans. To locate a person by phone number using this service is possible only after connection of the service and identify the required numbers of a child.

To manage the Tracker service you can use the following commands and queries:

- *141* phone number of user# call (e.g., *141*79138889991#call) is sent with a child on the phone one of the parents as a consent to locate;

- *141#call – request to determine the location of the child, to which the answer should be a message that includes a map and text information or SMS if number to be searched was not found.

To locate a person by phone number using a "Beacon" at the whole territory of Russia with a frequency of 1 every 3 minutes. To use the service, the child must be connected to one of the following rates: "Smeshariki", "the Diary.<url>" or "Ring-Ding". To track the numbers phone the desired must be enabled and have a positive cash balance in the account.







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