Use the "Navigator"to determine the location by phone number Megaphone. You can not only see where your friends and relatives, but also to see the map of their coordinates. In addition, this service Megaphone allows you to determine the location of subscribers of MTS. To use it you can use SMS, USSD requests, or site operator.
Connect the service "Navigator" to determine the location of MegaFon subscribers by dialing *140# or sending the word REG to the short number 1400. Daily subscriber fee is 3 rubles. The cost of a request - 5 rubles.
Add a subscriber to your search list to determine location by phone number Megaphone. To do this, send an SMS message with the subscriber number in international format to number 1400. Remember that to find out the location of the subscriber Megaphone only with his consent. The subscriber will receive special request from "Navigator" to your phone on which he will need to send the word "YES". So you will be able to add to the created lists of users in the location are needed the most.
You should also try to determine location by phone number, MegaFon, by calling the number 0888. You will answer an operator. Tell him your surname, name and patronymic of the subscriber number. After a while, after consent is obtained prior to implementation of services, coordinates of the subscriber will be sent to you in the form of SMS messages. Also quickly determine the location of the telephone Megaphone it is possible with the help of convenient website
Find out where the subscriber of the Megaphone, you can even in roaming. Determine the location of the person from the list generated using the alerts feature on the entrance/exit from a given area. You can also adjust the schedule of definitions with the help of USSD - and SMS-commands, web-sites, and also through the application "MegaFon-Yandex.Cards." Define location by phone number, MegaFon in Russia is possible if it is located in the network coverage area. In the payment of roaming GPRS traffic is carried out according to the relevant tariffs.