The company "MegaFon" provides its customers order service on the premises. Only two of them. The first may only be available to a limited number of users. The fact that this kind of "Locator" (namely the so-called search service) developed by the operator specifically for children and parents. Because and use it can only subscribers of "Ring-Ding" and "Smeshariki". By the way, the terms of service may be changed at any time, as well as a list of tariffs for her order. For more detailed and updated information go to the official website of "MegaFon".
The second type of service can use all the subscribers of the company, and regardless of which plan connected. Please note that before you find another person with a "Locator", you must activate the service on your phone. Please visit the official website, fill in the application form and then send it to the operator. Immediately after processing the request (usually it does not take much time) on your mobile will be sent a message with the exact coordinates of the location of the subscriber.
The MTS also provides its customers the service "Locator". Thanks to it you can quickly and easily find out where is this or that person. For this there is a short number 6677. It is available around the clock. It should be noted that once a search is impossible, you need to activate the service. This can be done at the number above. Please note, for the use of the locator and the connection operator does not charge any money.
If you are a user of company "Beeline", then you will be able to know the location of another subscriber by sending request to number 684. In the message text, you must specify the letter L. the Cost of using the locator to specify the site of the company.