Send a request to a "megaphone" in the determination of the location of the other party with telephone and Internet website The answer comes in the form of text messages indicating the location of the subscriber and the card, which can be viewed on a computer screen or phone. However, be aware that previously you will need to obtain the consent of the other party that you will be able to identify his location. For this a subscriber should send SMS with text "+" and your number (in the format +7928ххххххх) at room 000888. To carry out the query to determine someone else's location in different ways: for example, calling to voice service 0888 or send a request *148*subscriber's number#. Please note that the operator for the service charge in the amount of 5 rubles (for each request); free will only incoming messages.
The operator provides its customers a service called "Locator". To activate it you need to send a message to the short number 6677, specify the name of the other party and its number (this is free). After sending subscriber will receive an invitation, it will contain your number. If the subscriber gives his consent to determination of its location, you will be able to do it. Clients of "MegaFon" can determine the location of subscribers not only their networks, but also networks of "MegaFon". Registering in the service is free of charge, however for each request, your account will be charged 10 rubles. However, for each rate, the price may be different (more information can be found on the official website of the operator).
In the "Beeline" there is such a service as "Mobile locator". It allows to know the current location of the subscriber. The connection and the monthly fee is nil, but each request will cost you 2.05 rubles. The activation of the service takes place at room 06849924; the query is sent via SMS with the text "L" to the number 684.