There are situations when in case of emergencies location of the close person for a long time remains unknown. It is always unsettling, especially worried parents, when children for a long time not contacted. Fortunately, mobile operators can help to know where the person is, but this needs to be taken care of in advance.

How to use this service

All members of the main trio: "Megaphone", "Beeline" and MTS alike to quickly and simply connect this service. Vary will only shortcodes that need to send SMS. The only condition – the request must be made with the person's phone that will be enabled this service, and he must agree to a phone number to determine where it is located When the service cell operator will remove the monthly subscription fee for this service, but it is quite a reasonable price for peace of mind.

Services MegaFon

This mobile operator provides several tariff plans.

  1. Among them, the most popular "Tracker" - to determine the whereabouts of the child. This service is justified, and, combined with electronic maps and electronic diaries can parents be sure that their children are fine.
  2. For older, sickly subscribers "the Megaphone" also offers a special tariff that allows you to establish quick communication in case of sickness or other trouble.
  3. The service "Locator" - you can enable it without the consent of the owner of the phone, if the phone is already connected similar services. This option can be used to determine the map position of the subscriber.

Services Of "Beeline"

The main condition is that the subscriber must agree on the definition of their coordinates. Every time you need to determine its location, send SMS "L" to the short number 684. If the subscriber does not want the operator does not help.

Another service "Beeline-coordinates" - is gaining popularity. Its subscription is free, will be charged only the monthly fee. Necessarily the consent of the subscriber.

Services "MTS"

This operator also gives the opportunity to monitor your child's location by sending SMS "mother" to the short number 7788 Operates a service within 2 weeks.

Corporate communications also provides this service. It is very convenient to track the quality of the logistics and transport companies.

The possibility of creating a USSD-request

With the number of any mobile operator you can type the characters in the following order: *148*/room wanted (using code +7)/call. The subscriber receives an SMS with a request to consent to the provision of such services. If confirmation is obtained, we need the coordinates of where the person will be set on the number from which the request originates. The request must be confirmed at room 000888 send SMS with my phone number.