Activate the service "Navigator", thanks to which you will be able to find out where is currently the holder of the number of "Megaphone". In this case, you will see its coordinates on the map on the screen of your mobile phone. This service is especially popular among parents who want to be aware of where their child is walking. Use can also the subscribers of "MTS". For activation you will need to send a message to a short number, to make a USSD-request or to perform specific actions on the operator's website.
The main service to determine location by number Megaphone is "Navigator". Just dial *140# or send the word REG to room 1400. The monthly fee will be around 3 roubles a day. If the request is made once, your account will be charged 5 rubles.
Operator "MegaFon" allows you to add subscribers to your personal list for quick and easy retrieval location. Send an SMS to number 1400, specifying the number of subscriber in international format. In this and other cases to determine the location of the subscriber is possible only with his consent. The subscriber will receive a message request from "Navigator", in response to which it needs to send the word "YES". This way you will be able to add subscribers in a list and created to always be aware of where they are.
Determine the location of the subscriber "the Megaphone" through a call to the short number 0888. Let the responding operator surname, name and patronymic of the person you want and the number. The employee will send a request in manual mode, and if the user answer Yes, you will get its coordinates in the form of SMS messages. Optionally use the special website of the company that will also help to determine where the person is.