Can I find a phone via satellite?

Actually, to find my phone via satellite is virtually impossible, however, to track the location of a subscriber in his room all the same really, although that used a slightly different method. It is worth considering that satellites supposedly controlling the movement of people on cell phones and other devices that simply do not exist. Instead, the mechanism applies tracking cell phone GSM signal: calculate the approximate coordinates of the location of a person enables the mobile tower located in the most vicinity. People who are not well versed in technical matters and are influenced by numerous science-fiction films, often confused with a satellite signal and GSM signal, assuming that the locating of the person responsible first.

How to determine the location of the subscriber's number?

To learn the location of the subscriber by its number, you can use one of the services offered by Russian mobile operators. The principle of operation is based on the previously mentioned tracking system GSM signal. For example, MTS subscribers can connect the service "Locator" sending a message with the number of the desired subscriber to the short number 6677. The query cost is about 5 rubles. Beeline subscribers can call the number 06849924 or send a text message with the letter "L" to the number 684 to find out where the person is. The cost of a single treatment - 2 rubles.

To determine the location of the subscriber Megaphone in two ways. You can dial *148*subscriber's number# or call at 0888 and tell the operator the number of the desired subscriber. Also search for subscribers allows website The cost of these services is about 5 rubles.

Please note that in all cases, the person you want to find, must confirm appropriate action from your side by sending back an SMS-message with the request acceptance or rejection. Only in this way you will be able to know where he is.

How else can you find a phone?

The ability to find a phone number via satellite" (actually through the signal GSM or international IMEI) is available to law enforcement agencies which have access to special services. If the person you want to find missing, write a statement to search for it and get it to your nearest police station. The statement will provide his mobile phone number and phone model. Law enforcement officers will help you find a missing person.

Be careful and do not trust suspicious websites and people on the Internet supposedly offering to find a phone number via satellite. Most likely, you are dealing with ordinary crooks, who want to access your phone number and use it for illegal purposes.