Use the basic service that allows you to know where the number is located a Megaphone. You can activate it with the command *148*subscriber's number# or voice service 0888. Any of these actions will cost only 5 rubles.
Determine the location of the subscriber Megaphone with a special website locator.megafon.EN. Upon request, you will receive in your phone message with information about the subscriber and its indication on the map. View it carefully like you can on the phoneand the computer, depending on where you have used the service. Please note that to find out where the number is located a Megaphone, only with the consent of the subscriber. When you send the request you need a person will get a notification that you want to find out its coordinates. Confirm the prompt, the subscriber can by sending a message with your mobile number on 000888.
Try the Navigator service, which also allows you to know where there is a broadband TV. You will be able to find your friends and relatives and see their coordinates on the electronic map. Furthermore, this service allows to know the location of the MTS. Use it with the help of USSD-requests, SMS, or website operator.
Add a subscriber to the search list to locate the number of the Megaphone. Send an SMS with the subscriber's number through the seven to number 1400. It is important to remember that to find the location of the subscriber Megaphone is allowed only with his consent. In this case the subscriber will receive a special message on your phone that must be answered in the affirmative. Subscribers who accept a request for the location determination, can be added to special lists for more convenient use of the service.
Resort to another method to find out where is the number Megaphone. It will be especially useful for parents who want to monitor their child. This service provider is called a "Beacon" and is valid under special conditions within the framework of the tariff "Ring-Ding" and "Smeshariki". To know the location of the child's room, use the command *141#.