The clients of "MegaFon" there are two kinds of search services customers. The first of these is not for all users, but only for parents and children who enjoy certain tariff plans: "Ring-Ding" or "Smeshariki". By the way, the list of such tariffs and terms of service can be changed at any time, therefore, for authentic information visit official website of the company.
Those customers who do not have access to the first service type can use the other. It without any restrictions available to any subscriber of the operator "MegaFon". However, immediately use the "Locator" (namely the so-called second type of service), you must first request it. To do this, visit the website and fill in the application form. Then click on the button "Submit" that your application got processed by the operator. Once your request is approved, you will receive a text message. It will contain information about the location you are interested subscriber.
In the company "MTS" is the service allowing quickly to find another man. It is also called "Locator". Connect it by typing on your mobile telephone short number 6677. By the way, you can do this around the clock. After completion of the activation procedure, you will be available search. To get the coordinates you need another subscriber, send his number already provided number 6677. Please note that the use of the service, as well as its connection is absolutely free for all customers of the operator.
If you use the services of communication "Beeline", then use the locator to send a special request in the form of SMS messages. It should contain the Latin letter L. the Room to make a request - 684. The exact cost of using the service can be found on the official website of the company.