Connect one of the main services of the operator called "Navigator" that allows you to find the location of the subscriber Megaphone and get on your message with its current coordinates. To know where the user is located, regardless of its operator. Connecting service is available through USSD requests or SMS or website of the operator.
Send to room 1400 word REG or dial *140#, to determine the location of the subscriber Megaphone in the service "Navigator". Such a request you can make through a user-friendly website of MegaFon A one-time treatment to option costs 5 rubles, the monthly fee for each day is 3 rubles and requires additional steps to activate.
Configure the Navigator service for long term use, if you often need to know the location of rooms Megaphone. To do this, write in an SMS in international format, the recipient number and send to room 1400. Remember that the recipient must confirm your request by replying to the message, the word "YES". Doing these actions with multiple parties, you will be able to create unique lists of those which you perform most frequently.
Try to identify the location of the subscriber's number through a Megaphone call to 0888. This method has almost never used, but still remains effective. Tell the operator his name and the name of the caller and his number. The specialist shall send the request to the subscriber and if he approves your application, you will receive current location coordinates of the person.
Use the notification subscriber of the Megaphone in one area or another you can and roaming. Try also to adjust the schedule of access to the service through the specified on the website operator's USSD and SMS-commands or application "MegaFon-Yandex.Cards." You will be able to determine the subscriber's location on the map of Russia, if he is in range of a network. This may incur additional charges for GPRS traffic at current rates.